Here be the kitchen

a fictional reimagining of a home kitchen
Lady Lux, Here Be the Kitchen, 2010 [Chester, United Kingdom] original web archive: map 268

Drawn on a rainy afternoon with her eight-year-old daughter, Lux creates a fanciful world in her home’s kitchen. Everyday appliances transform into potentially treacherous points of interest. The refrigerator houses the Icy Lair of Evil Troutus [top right], the stove transforms into an island of fire [middle left], and her precariously overstuffed bookshelf morphs into the Cliffs of Madness [slightly cropped out of the image, bottom right]. In the center, it seems the kitchen’s actual island, the High Plateau, with its sacred flame and Froo-it-Bo-ll Mountain offers a haven amidst the chaos.

Small suite space

hand drawn map of a dorm room
Graeme Fisher, Dorm Room, 2007 [Vancouver, Canada] original web archive: map 123

These maps were drawn by Graeme to spatially document his dorm room at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He used them as preliminary research while creating a temporary sculptural intervention in the space for a class assignment. The drawings depict Graeme’s unique interpretation of a room he inhabits for only a brief period of his life as a college student. Long after Graeme and his sculpture project have departed, the room will continue to host a variety of students’ lives and studies throughout its tenure at the university.

hand drawn map of a dorm room
Graeme Fisher, Dorm Room, 2007 [Vancouver, Canada] original web archive: map 124

Stairs up to our apartment

Ace Kieffer (drawn at Baltimore DIY Festival), Stairs up to our apartment, 2009 [Baltimore, Maryland]

Ace drew this diagram to document the apartment he shared with two roommates. I’m posting it today it to provide some additional inspiration for Activity 3: Home Poem. Imagine, for example, a similar diagram of your home where the names of rooms are replaced by text found in each space. Ding ding ding! Light bulb!

Dream House

Purple Wyrm, Dream House, 2008 [Fictional location] original HDMA web archive: map 49

Purple Wyrm mapped a home that frequently occurs in their dreams. While much of the home and the space surrounding it remain a mystery, the hatstand near the front door and the dark windows on the veranda are consistent signifiers.