Art & Artists

Mark Bennett, American, 1956-

Stanley Brouwn, Dutch, 1935-2017

León Ferrari, Argentine, 1920-2013

Richard Long, British, 1945-

marksearch, WE Riders, 2005-2006

Jan Rothuizen, Dutch, 1968

Zarina, Home is a Foreign Place, 1999

Raphael Zarka, Riding Modern Art, 2018 see also: Sam Spencer & James Lee, “The History Behind Some Very Skateable Sculptures,” Jenkem Magazine, 28 October 2019


Guy Debord, “Theory of the Dérive,” 1958

Ann Quito, “Drawing is the best way to learn, even if you’re no Leonardo da Vinci,” Quartz, 15 September 2018

Jennifer Tobias, “The Post-it,” MoMA Magazine, 23 Dec 2019


Katharine Harmon, The Map as Art: Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography, 2010

William Rankin, After the Map: Cartography, Navigation, and the Transformation of Territory in the Twentieth Century, 2018

Robert Storr, Mapping, 1994 [exhibition catalogue, pdf]

Peter Turchi, Maps of the Imagination: The Writer as Cartographer, 2007


Ira Glass (host), “Mapping,” This American Life, 4 September 1998

“Grid plan,” Wikipedia

Roman Mars (host), “Map Quests: Political, Physical, and Digital,” 99% Invisible, 10 March 2020

Radical Cartography

Fernanda Bertini Viégas and Martin Wattenberg, Wind Map, 2012


B Free Franklin Post Office

Hidden City

Michael Tanenbaum, “Maps make you wonder, what is Fishtown?” Philly Voice, 31 October 2016

Michaela Winberg, “The first census, a stubborn City Council and tossing the ‘horseshoe’: How Philly invented the common street address system.” Billy Penn, 04 August 2020

Michaela Winberg, “You can walk underground from the Gallery to the Comcast Center. Here’s how to do it.” Billy Penn, 30 September 2019


Blackwing pencils

Everyday Oil

Field Notes


Omoi Zaka

ScotchBlue Original Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug