hand-drawn map of a trip to the airport
Oskar Smollny, Sending my sister back to Norway after 6 months of lockdown at home, 2021 [Düsseldorf, Germany]

Oskar drew this map while attending our Zoom workshop hosted by the Glasgow Zine Library. In it, he documents a trip to the airport he and his sister took earlier that day. After a six-month lockdown in Germany, his sister was finally returning to her university courses in Norway. He shows us their route from the parked car, through the coronavirus test site, past the baggage drop-off and a quick stop for coffee, ending with a tearful goodbye.

Neighborhood Memories

Today’s maps from the archive will hopefully inspire you to draw a map of your neighborhood.

hand drawn map of Woodbridge Connecticut
Aura Seltzer, 2010, [Woodbridge, Connecticut] original HDMA web archive: map 291

Drawn entirely from memory, Aura depicted her hometown of Woodbridge, Connecticut as it existed during her childhood. The map includes travel time (in green) to reference the distances between places as well as details such as the best trick-or-treating and a stop sign that was repeatedly vandalized by teenagers.

Sabine Schmidt, 2011 [various locations] original HDMA web archive: map 302

Sabine’s map combines memories of her childhood growing up in Germany with glimpses of her current life in Arkansas. She uses the street layout of her German neighborhood to create a visual structure. She then fills the blocks with text derived from the free association of childhood memories and her contemporary daily routine.

Neighborhood maps: Berlin

Unknown (drawn for Martin Voorhorst), Everything Is Not To Scale, 2008 [Berlin, Germany]

Martin’s friend drew this map for him when he was visiting Berlin. While there, he wanted to explore the Wedding neighborhood of the city via bike. I particularly like the use of office supplies. Highlighters provide the absolute best colors for map-making. Please buy some and use them in your cartography.