2009 Contest Winners

We are happy to announce all of our contest winners. Thanks to everyone who participated. Don't forget, we're still collecting maps, so continue to send them our way.


The winner of February's random drawing was Alejandro Polanco. He created this detailed map of his hometown in northern Spain. The map emphasizes transportation infastructure as well as energy and other industries. Check out his blog about maps and technology [in Spanish]: La Cartoteca


Our March winner was Eeyar Yawns who sent us a map of an imaginary place. We didn't ask him much about it because we think a map like this is best left to personal investigation. All we really know is that most of the text is written in code, but some of the locations are labeled on the map such as Conundrum and Pheremonium. We also know that the map is credited to or perhaps is just referencing famous Muppet scientist, Bunsen Honeydew.


April's winner was Jeff Woodbury who sent us a number of maps he has created. All of the maps are part of a larger ongoing project where he is tracing an entire road atlas of the United States on sheets of vellum. The one we have chosen here is a series of U.S. cities layered on top of one another. We'll hopefully have more of his maps in our upcoming book.

Grand Prize

Dan Lehman's map documents his upcoming cross country bicycle trip. Dan tells us that this is a sketch he drew while trying to find the best place to cross the Rocky Mountains. Actually, Dan and three of his friends are currently biking their way across the country. You can check out their blog at: tourdefour.blogspot.com. Dan just wrote to tell us that they are, in fact, crossing the Rocky Mountains as indicated on the map. Our grand prize winner was chosen from a random drawing of some of our favorite maps submitted over the last three months.

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