Collecting Maps Since 2008

With your help, the Hand Drawn Map Association has assembled a collection of over 500 maps in both physical and digital formats comprising an immense variety of unique interpretations of place. It has been an absolute pleasure to share these maps with you via this website.

After four years, it has come time to slow things down a bit in order to concentrate on other projects. To this end, the HDMA is no longer accepting submissions for the web archive. It will, however, remain available to the public via

I am still exploring opportunities for the HDMA and eventually plan to donate the collection to a museum, university library or other appropriate archive. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Thanks again and keep in touch,

Kris Harzinski

Terms and Conditions

Our goal is to share our collection of maps with the widest audience possible. To this end, by submitting work to the HDMA you grant us permission to use your submission as indicated below. You still have the right to use your material in any way you see fit, you are simply allowing us to publish the work here and to share it in other ways such as exhibitions and publicity.

When you submit maps or other images or information to the HDMA, you are giving us a perpetual, royalty-free license (that is, "permission") to use, reproduce, publish, and otherwise exercise intellectual property rights with respect to your submission, including storing it electronically and using or incorporating it in other works and in any media now known or later developed, including without limitation, in published books and public exhibitions. You also agree that we can use your submission at our discretion, including cropping, tinting, or otherwise altering it for our uses, and we can share it with the public through different methods. Finally, since this is a public project, you agree not to hold the HDMA or any of its members or agents responsible for any uses the HDMA or anyone else may make of your submission. If you have any concerns about sharing the information contained in your submission with the public, you should not submit it to the HDMA.

The HDMA is currently accepting maps for our physical archive only.


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