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Map to Alanistanbul

Needing directions to an exhibition area called Alanistanbul, Feride Tugce Mamati drew this minimal map from the internet.

2009-00-00 : Istanbul, Turkey : Feride Tugce Mamati


Above Istanbul

Rashmi briefly explains the map as follows: "This was my emotional map as I flew above the beautiful Istanbul mountains."

2010-02-26 : Istanbul, Turkey : Rashmi Kakde


On the Floor

Asli writes, "I found this map on the floor of the art gallery where I work. Drawn and written on a piece of paper tissue too fragile to be thrown away. I hope she/he could visit the museums without her/his hand drawn map." We find found maps fascinating, and wish we would find more in our daily lives. Thanks, Asli.

2009-09-23 : Istanbul, Turkey : Asli


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