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Ann emailed us these maps she created indicating they had quite an interesting story behind them. She writes, "The maps depict the travels of a young, well-to-do Polish Jewish woman (Gucia) who lived in a small city in Poland, Piotrokov-Tribunalski. She had attended two years of University in both Krakow and Warsaw when things began to go bad in Poland in the late 1930s. The wife of a wealthy rabbi urged her to change her identity and pass as Polish, since she was very fair complected and spoke German in addition to her native Polish. So, Gucia became Barbara and passed the war years in Ulm and Lindau, Germany, working as a chambermaid in resort hotels.

"At the end of the war, she made her way back to Piotrokov where she met her future husband. After they married, moved to Munich, where they lived with their young daughter, until 1951 when they secured passage to the US, destined for Kansas City, MO. Midway across the Atlantic they were were re-assigned to New Orleans because of a series of horrific floods in Kansas City that summer. They moved again to Baltimore, MD before finally settling in Washington, DC. Barbara died at 90 in 2007.

"I have been working with Barbara's daughter to create these maps for a forthcoming book about Gucia/Barbara."

2010-12-10 : Poland (mostly) : Ann Elkington





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