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Med Center Honeymoon

Here's where my decision to stick to the ambiguous post-it note description adds some mystery to the map. "Map to medical center in Portland, Oregon during honeymoon."

2010-01-19 : Portland, Oregon, United States : Tony Gonzalez



Nicki writes, "This is a map of a day in my life, celebrating a friends' birthday. It was a good day - worth mapping."

2008-02-08 : Portland, Oregon, United States : Nicki V.


Northeast Portland

Christopher writes, "I made this map so my friends know where to visit when they come see me in NE Portland. All of the above are my favorite local businesses in the area ... and I am always looking for new ones to find and add to the map."

2009-10-20 : Portland, Oregon, United States : Christopher Dunn


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