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In September 2009 the Hand Drawn Map Association attended Philly Zine Fest to collect maps from anyone willing to sit down with us at a folding table and draw. Some people would quietly sketch in front of us while others treated the situation more like getting a drink at a bar--sitting there was simply a reason to share a story with someone willing to listen. This map was drawn by one of our fellow tablers explaining his journey from Brooklyn to Philadelphia for the weekend. Unfortunately, we didn't get to know much about him. Rather than sitting at our table to work, he took this piece of paper, drew his map throughout the day, and handed it to us shortly before we left.

2009-09-20 : New Jersey, United States : Anonymous


August Landscape

Elsayed's drawings reveal intimate, idiosyncratic details from her life to become cartographic records of her personal landscape. This map shows three interconnected fragments representing the essence of her experience while living in New Jersey during the month of August.

2009-08-31 : New Jersey : Dahlia Elsayed


North vs. South

Silverstein drew this map for the HDMA while visiting our table at Baltimore's DIY Fest. When prompted to draw a map of where he came from, Silverstein, a native North Jerseyan, quickly sketched an outline of his home state. He added a line near the Trenton area to reveal a familiar rivalry between the northern and southern parts of the state.

2009-05-09 : New Jersey, United States : Jeffrey Silverstein


Map of Staines

From Carlo: "Made by tracing the different hues of a coffee stain that was on my restaurant's seating chart. Almost like a map within a map."

2008-03-06 : somewhere in New Jersey, United States : Carlo Anomie



Conveyer is a zine about Jersey City created by Josef Reyes. This issue includes a section where people were asked to draw a map to part of the city that they find meaningful.

2008-03-03 : Jersey City, New Jersey, United States : Josef Reyes


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