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Spring/Summer Garden

Every year, Irene draws a of map of her garden, and as the season progresses, she adds notes about each plant.

2011-04-24 : Charlotte, North Carolina, United States : Irene Gammon


Farm Map

It's been a while since we've shared some of our anonymous submissions, so we'll share two of them with you today. The first map has a signature, but we can't quite make it out. John somebody. At any rate, it's a detailed map to someone's farm with lots of interesting details. The legend includes the following items: car crashes, a big fish, deer bones, cow patties, skeet shooting, crawdad hunting, an 80 foot pine tree, a lost log, a really big maple tree, a dock, the pet cemetery, hay bales, and a series of railroad ties. If you know any additional information about this map, please let us know. UPDATE: Thanks to @mariusm who found the location on Google maps:

2009-00-00 : North Carolina, United States : Anonymous


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