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Party Across the River

In an effort to get to know some of his coworkers outside of the office, Tobias drew this map inviting people to a party at his apartment.

2011-02-12 : Kansas City, Missouri, United States : Tobias Berg


First Floor

Sage sent us this map outlining the first floor of an abandoned house she's exploring in Springfield, Missouri. The back reads, "For HDMA - 1163 Mary Street: First Floor." Interested? Check out more of Sage's work on her site: Her drawing, Study for Timeline, is also featured in From Here to There: A Curious Collection from the Hand Drawn Map Association. I'm also a fan of this photo showing Sage's drawing in one of our new flat file boxes (archival and waterproof, big time).

2010-10-20 : Springfield, Missouri, United States : Sage Dawson


Quiznos Cache Map

Richard recently sent us his Quiznos Cache Map. His plan is to have the map indexed on Google so that he can tell participants in his geocache to search for "quiznos cache map," and they will find the map stored here on our site. In his email Richard notes, "In the store (Quiznos) I found the spelling to be Quiznos and Quizno's, but the logo on the napkins doesn't use the apostrophe, so I went with Quiznos."

2008-11-24 : Crestwood and Sunset Hills, St. Louis, Missouri, United States : Richard Sheffold


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