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Poop Graveyard

Bagel had her dog with her at the DIY Fest and was inspired to draw this map of her dog searching for the "poop graveyard." Wish I could remember the dog's name.

2009-05-09 : Baltimore, Maryland, United States : Bagel Han


I Avoid My Neighbors

An anonymous person drew this map for us at the DIY fest. Actually we know who it is, but she asked that we not reveal her identity just in case her neighbors visit the internet.

2009-05-09 : Baltimore, Maryland, United States : Anonymous



Ace, one of our table neighbors at the DIY fest, drew this map of his apartment.

2009-05-09 : Baltimore, Maryland, United States : Ace Kieffer


Dog's View of Calvert Street

We recently visited the DIY Fest in Baltimore to collect maps and talk to people about their stories. As we prepare to head back to Baltimore for a workshop next week, we'd like to share some of them with you. This first map was drawn by Abby to indicate how her dog utilizes Calvert Street on a typical day's walk.

2009-05-09 : Baltimore, Maryland, United States : Abby


Holy Frijoles

This map was created by Her Majesty to help her mother find Holy Frijoles, a restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland. Let's go there now!

2008-04-16 : Baltimore, Maryland, United States : Her Majesty of Maps


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