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Hackney Cafes

Rachel recently sent this map she drew of the cafes in the Hackney Central area of London where she currently lives.

2011-01-08 : London, United Kingdom : Rachel Kirk


North to South London

Daniel sent this set of directions he found while walking. It describes a route from North to South London by car. Daniel plans to follow the map on foot. Perhaps you'd like to as well the next time you visit London.

2010-12-24 : London, United Kingdom : Daniel Lehan



From Home to Tube Station

Richard drew this mental map of a walk through north London that he often takes in the summer. It documents the journey from his home to the tube station about a mile away. He details different parts of the walk including a section along the road, a walk across an unused elevated rail line (now a green space), and the walk through Finsbury Park.

2010-07-17 : London, United Kingdom : Richard Crappsley


Tea Party

This napkin map from Gail was drawn by her friend while at a local cake shop. The map provides directions to a tea party held a few days later. Each friend needed a copy of the map so they consecutively took photos of the napkin with their mobile phones.

2010-01-14 : Wimbledon Village, London, United Kingdom : Gail Catchpole


National Institute for Medical Research

Another map anonymously submitted without information. We used the Royal Air Force Museum as well as the M1, A41, and A1 to determine this is a map of London. Beyond that, we don't know much else except that we like the contrast between green space and grey suburbia. Update: Jack D. let us know via email that this is a map is of the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) in the Mill Hill district of London.

2008-08-05 : London, United Kingdom : Anonymous


After Party

Shaun emailed us the details: "It was the opening night of my university's 5th Graphic Design New Media degree show at the Atlantis Gallery in Brick Lane, Shoreditch, London. At 10pm the gallery closed and people said there was an after party in Bow to go to. No one knew how to find the place, so the person who was organizing it made a map and passed it around. To speed up the distribution process and to get a copy for myself, I photographed it on my phone. The map successfully directed everyone to the amazing after party."

2007-06-08 : Shoreditch, London, United Kingdom : Shaun Tollerton


Tube Note

Previous HDMA map submitter, Viviane Schwarz, found this Post-It stuck on an advertisement while riding on the tube. We know it's not technically a map, but it does provide excellent directions to a loose tile on a walking path.

2008-06-05 : London, United Kingdom : Viviane Schwarz


Battersea A to Z

Viviane writes us, "When I first moved to London I had to stay with friends while looking for work and accommodation. So I bought an A to Z to find my way around, but I still kept getting lost... so my friends improved the A to Z with this map (which was meant to give me a general idea of where the flat was, and where to get food). I remember watching someone punch all the little holes with a special hole-punch to fix it in the book. I felt very grateful. As time went on, I added more and more of my own pages of notes in the book, it got rather bulgy. Now I know my way around London, but I still use the "enhanced" A to Z, I like to be reminded that the world can be confusing at times."

2004-08-00 : Battersea, London, United Kingdom : Viviane Schwarz


Passport Office

This map was drawn and submitted by Steve Younger. Steve wrote us, "I am a designer and in our studio all arguments are settled by either google or a hand-drawn diagram. Naturally when my colleague needed to walk to the UK passport office I was on hand to help with an accurate and detailed hand-drawn map."

2007-08-01 : Pimlico, London SW1, United Kingdom : Steve Younger


Map for Friday

This map was emailed to us by Scott Witthoft along with the following information: "map drawn by damian for scott. directions from convent garden tube station to the bar with tiny margaritas." We'd also like to call your attention to the notebook page gridded with Jan Tschichold's idealized margins from Die neue Typographie. The map drawn here just barely pushes the boundaries of modernist perfection.

2008-01-30 : London, United Kingdom : Scott Witthoft


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