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Made in Italy

Jaime's diagram was created at the beginning of an exhibition project for the Fondazione Valore Italia, a permanent exhibition of Italian design. Given the wide range of products this exhibition would include, Jaime was searching for a hierarchy to help classify and organize the collection. We admit there may be some details Jaime shared with us that are unfortunately lost in translation, but the diagram itself is a fascinating drawing documenting the brainstorming process.

2006-11-00 : Rome, Italy : Jaime Garcia


Barrea to Sorrento

Larry writes, "My family and I were visiting Barrea, Italy in the province of Abruzzo, my maternal grandparents' ancestral home. After meeting some distant relatives, they were kind enough to draw us this simple map to direct us from Barrea to Sorrento. It was simple and effective. We easily drove over uncharted southern Italian territory and arrived in Sorrento a few hours later."

2008-00-00 : Italy : Larry Chance


Where I Live Now

Neal writes, "I have recently moved to Italy and the attached map was one I drew to explain to people, the local area. Now they know where the railway is, how far the shop is and where the river ford the dog swims in is situated....The village is San Secondo, a small place just outside Citta di Castello, Umbria. We are right in the centre of Italy, a lovely little place of tobacco fields, vineyards and tomatoes."

2008-03-14 : San Secondo, Umbria, Italy : Neal Winfield


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