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Boarding House Meta Map

Katerine writes, "My sister drew a map of her room in a boarding house. I love how the windows and door are flopped into the space, how perspective shifts from overhead to objects in 3-D, to objects seen straight-on. Her handwriting is worse than mine, so I offer a translation (a map of a map). See Katerine's translation.

2011-09-26 : Iowa, United States : Katherine Parker Bryden


Iowa, You Make Me Smile

Jean shared with us two maps of the United States drawn by her son Hunter when he was in second grade. The first map highlights Hunter's home state of Iowa with a large smile. We're not sure if he is aware that his state slogan used to be "You Make Me Smile" until it was changed to "Fields of Opportunities" in 1999. Also of note here is the neat, orderly stacking of the East Coast states. Hunter's second map makes a case for moving Italy, a place he is fascinated with, much closer to Iowa. Looks like Hunter would prefer it be located just underneath Wisconsin and Michigan. Sorry Chicago, if Hunter gets his way, it looks like you may have some tough competition for tourism dollars.

2010-10-11 : Des Moines, Iowa, United States : Hunter Wilson (courtesy Jean Wilson)



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