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Stasi Files

Alex and his wife Beate sent us some maps found in their file maintained by the Stasi (the East German secret police). Alex told us, "My wife and I were suspected to be spies for the Dutch military. We stayed with family close to a Soviet airbase and after four visits we were arrested by the East German Stasi and kept in prison for a while. After the wall came down, we managed to get our files and were surprised by all the information they gathered about us. They had been in our car, built mics in the house we stayed. It's impossible to write here all the work they had done to keep an eye on us."

2010-05-31 : Merseberg, Germany : Alex and Beate Waning



Waiting for Summer

Eleanor sent us a map she drew for the new tenant in her apartment in Stuttgart. She write, "I arrived in winter, and wanted to let him know the best spots to climb to in the city. Its pretty white right now now, and difficult to imagine whats waiting for you when it starts blossoming in the spring. These green viewpoints are all around the city and make you feel on top of the world!"

2010-01-22 : Stuttgart, Germany : Eleanor Davies


Biking through Wedding

Martin mailed us this great map of Berlin drawn by his friend who works in a hotel there. Martin was visiting Berlin via bike and used this highly detailed map to navigate Wedding, a French sector of the city.

2008-10-23 : Wedding, Berlin, Germany : Martin Voorhorst



Lukas emailed us this map recently. He writes that the map "is a how-to-get-there for the 30th anniversary of the Yamaha SR500, which took place in May '08. Tons of bikes, any state of customizing was present, and we were having a ball. And then another. The community is pretty big for a bike that old, and they (mostly) couldn't care less about colours, looking grim and being big, bad bikers. It's hard to do this on a SR anyway. Main question is always: How do I keep it running? Flag marks the spot, though I found out later that I had it misplaced. We got there anyway."

2008-05-00 : Buldern, Germany : Lukas Volcker


B Mountain

This map shows the location of a micro festival called B-mountain in the vicinity of Braunschweig, Germany. Lukas writes, "X marks the spot. One night, four bands, rock, ska, punk. Admission Fee? Hah! Pretty alternative, but if you have a tent, you're good to go. I went there in the summer of '06. Beautiful!"

2006-07-00 : Braunschweig, Germany : Lukas Volcker


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