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Rue Tourlaque

Amanda drew this map for her family while they were visiting her in Paris. It was used to help them navigate on their first full day in the city when Amanda was attending classes. She included important landmarks such as bus stops and Metro stations, places to buy food and drink, laundromats and the closest playground. She even left her ATM card sitting on top of the map (presumably near the crossed out PIN) and indicated the nearest bank machine.

2011-09-02 : Paris, France : Amanda Vincent


Paris à la New York

This map was drawn by Marc, a French Parisian, for Sarah, an artist living in Brooklyn, while the two were visiting in New York. Sarah was planning a trip to Paris a few months later for an artists residency and wanted to know where to hang out while there. The map is a humorous and personalized view of Paris revealing some striking similarities to New York. Indeed, much of the city appears occupied by the very wealthy with only a few areas still worth exploring. It is interesting to chart the lineage of this map appearing on I first saw it illustrating an article about hand drawn maps by Julia Turner published in Slate magazine. A few weeks ago Jesse Rafert emailed me to express surprise that the map wasn't posted on the site already. He describes the map as an accurate depiction of Paris if you are a "twentysomething anglophone hipster." I eventually tracked the image back to Sarah who had submitted it to Slate. Turns out the map is, in fact, more like a helpful translation of the city in terms a Brooklynite could decipher.

2010-09-27 : Paris, France : Marc Parazon (courtesy Sarah Glidden)


Browsing Architecture

This map sent to us by Debby was drawn by Wendeline Knijtijzer to explain the location of her favorite buildings in Paris.

2008-00-00 : Paris, France : Debby Koudenburg


Place des Vosges

Dana drew this map while on vacation in Paris. She writes, "After walking around the city, I saw this nice place, and decided to take a small break. I walked around looking for a place to sit, and realized that although it is a nice big park divided into 4 equal sections, everyone was sitting only in one section of the park..!! I sat with the crowd wondering why this was the 'cool' area of the park. I still have no idea. Nice park though!"

2000-00-00 : Paris, France : Dana Shimoni


Large Hadron Collider

Yes, even the HDMA has something about the Large Hadron Collider. Ashley recently sent us this map the day before the collider was set to switch on. The map was drawn by Ashley and a group of friends as they began to discuss the project and it's related experiments over fish and chips at a pub in St. Paul, Minnesota. "CAM" indicates the location where their friend lives in Switzerland.

2008-09-01 : France and Switzerland border : Ashley Kersting


Friend's House

This is map 2 from a collection of 9 scans from Jeff's notebook. This map is to a friend's house in Paris.

2008-05-02 : Paris, France : Jeff Werner


Porte de St. Cloud

This map was given to Harriet Hacker when she visited her family in France for the first time. It explains the area around St. Cloud where her family lives including especially how to get to the Metro station.

1998-04-00 : St. Cloud, France : Harriet Hacker


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