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Cairo of the Future

Today we are happy to share two maps sent to us by Ghadah in Kuwait. First is an imaginary map of Cairo drawn in her diary while flying above the city aboard Kuwait's (now defunct) Watania Airways. She writes, "Inspired by the view of Cairo from thousands of feet up in the air, I drew this hypothetical map of Cairo in the future when the wealthy few decide to leave the decaying city and wall it in. Looking down at the grayness of the buildings below the thick smog, I wondered how long it would take the millions to realize that they were trapped in, and how they would survive." Please take a moment to view the larger version of this map and read Ghadah's story.

2009-12-20 : Cairo, Egypt : Ghadah Alkandari


Alexandria Moleskin

Jeremy writes, "this map was drawn...while I was an artist-in-resident at Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum. As I often do in my art work, I logged a lot of miles walking through the city, investigating and interpreting the place. I made the map drawing from memory in one of the few pubs in town, called Spitfire Bar."

2008-01-00 : Alexandria, Egypt : Jeremy Beaudry


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