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Growing Up with Shanghai

Growing Up With Shanghai, is a series of soundwalks recorded in Shanghai, China. The audio is accompanied by a book containing transcripts, photos, and a map showing the route of the walk taken for each recording. To learn more about Terence's project, please visit Bivouac Recording.

2011-04-20 : Shanghai, China : Terence Lloren


How Many Hours to China?

Jodie drew this map on her way to visit her sister in Beijing, China. She continues, "The two week (+) trip took us from Telluride, Colorado to Beijing (3 flights and 21 hours), to Chengdu (one flight 3 hours), to Ganzi (two bus rides totaling 22 hours)!"

2009-10-26 : Beijing, China : Jodie Shike Wright


Tiger Jumping Gorge

Jane writes, "this map comprises 2 pages of my journal during the summer of 2006. It is of tiger leaping gorge, in Qiatou, China, drawn on May 23, 2006. Jennifer and I walked the 22 km gorge trail, climbed the gorge, crawled over wet rocks 2 feet from a deadly precipice, stairmastered the gorge at the 28 bends, saw a rainbow and the bluest sky ever, and rewarded ourselves with happy banana pancakes at the end of the day. The flowers were found on the trail and pressed in my journal."

2006-05-23 : Qiataou, China : Jane C.


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