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Bike Route

Mark recently sent us a few maps we'll be sharing on the site in the next couple weeks. Here's the first: a very useful bike map made all the more charming by bleeding ink stains and a visible tourist map on the reverse side.

2010-10-08 : Stratford, Ontario, Canada : Mark Cook


Napkin Explanation

This map was drawn on a napkin in a bar in Trondheim, Norway in 2003 by the Canadian Artist Peter Flemming, when explaining about Canada. Lars kept the map in his bag for weeks and later found it and scanned in into his computer. A few years later he sent his map to us to share with you.

2003-00-00 : Canada : Lars Midboe


The Size of Canada

This is map 9 from a collection of 9 scans from Jeff's notebook. This is a quick sketch Jeff made to point out to curious Balinese villagers the size and orientation of Canada and the United States.

2007-08-05 : Canada : Jeff Werner



Glen writes, "I'm half-Canadian, so I've been drawing that one for years to try to educate people. My mother used to teach my elementary class about Canada for a day each year and by the next they would have forgotten everything they learned."

2007-00-00 : Canada : Glen Lindeke


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