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Be There

In 1992, during the aftermath of the Rodney King trial, Alan Scott drew this map of his neighborhood in Los Angeles. Many local businesses had been looted by rioters the day of the verdict. The slogan at the top (Be There When the Night Ignites) is from an ad for a special effects show at Disneyland that month. The name was dropped shortly after the riots began. view larger map

1992-05-00 : Los Angeles, California, United States : Alan P. Scott


East Bay Wedding

Justin sent this map he drew for guests attending his wedding in the East Bay area of San Francisco. The map shows the location of the hotel in Berkeley, the ceremony in Briones Park, the reception in downtown Oakland, and another reception in Codornices Park. Afraid that a scanned map colorized on the computer might violate our hazy and open-ended 'hand-drawn' policy, Justin sent the original black and white version as well.

2005-00-00 : Oakland, California, United States : Justin Bastow


Hiking Los Angeles

Sean's circa 1982 map documents a time in his early teenage years when one of his favorite pass times was hiking with his dad and friends in the Santa Monica Mountains surrounding Los Angeles. The map depicts Malibu Creek State Park one of the larger of several interconnected parks in the area. Sean writes, "I kept track of certain hikes and noted certain memorable events or discoveries, using it to chart explored and unexplored areas. Much of the area is covered in dense chaparral, so some of the personal trails weren't much more than preexisting animal paths." He also let us know that the damaged area towards the top of the map was caused by his pet hamster. [view larger map]

1982-00-00 : Los Angeles, California : Sean Tejaratchi


Illegal Ticketing

Anonymous also sent this map documenting a traffic ticket on the corner of Cinthia Street and Doheny Drive in West Hollywood. Anonymous told us, "This motorcycle cop gave me a ticket at this intersection. I broke the law, but the law was wrong."

2010-04-28 : West Hollywood, California, United States : Anonymous



Anonymous tells us, "This is a map to a great taco place in Los Feliz. The original branch is a taco stand, but that place is only open during the day and thus, not an option for dinner."

2010-04-28 : Los Feliz, Los Angeles, California, United States : Anonymous


Blue Angels

Malcolm's map, drawn when he was 5 years old, traces a route from his home in Alameda to Treasure Island where he enjoyed a view of the Blue Angels with his mother. The map includes not just airplanes, but also the Bay Bridge and even a hammerhead shark. The version on Flickr has notes that capture his complete narration of the day.

2008-10-00 : San Francisco, California, United States : Malcolm Fooks


Map Collage

This map was originally posted to our unidentified maps blog, but Megan recently contacted us to let us know it was her map. She writes, "My friend Amos drew me a map illustrating directions from a camping site to a waterfall I was to meet him at. During the course of trying to navigate with this map, my passenger became upset with its inefficiencies and tore it into pieces. My drawing uses some of the pieces, which I found in my car several months later, to diagram the area in way which would cause less confusion."

2009-12-24 : Salmon River, California, United States : Megan Rothstein


Bus Route

Today we are sharing two more maps anonymously submitted to our fileshare. We've been getting a lot of these lately. Let us know if you recognize this place. We're thinking it's San Francisco, but would be more than happy to be corrected. UPDATE: Thanks to Max from Germany who wrote in to correct us! The map is actually Los Angeles. Well, we were sort of close.

2008-10-00 : Los Angeles, California, United States : Anonymous


H.M. Bark Endeavour

Kenn writes," I drew this map while on a voyage aboard H.M. Bark Endeavour in 1999. On each leg of the trip, a volunteer was chosen to draw a record of the cruise. The map was then duplicated and distributed to everyone on the crew, some of whom only made one leg, as a keepsake. The crew list on the left of the map includes the professional crew as well as the 'voyage' crew of paying sailors...I have rarely spent such an enjoyable, relaxed and productive time."

1999-04-18 : San Diego to Newport Beach, California, United States : Kenn Anderson, Sr.


Mt. Whitney

"Hanging out in the Whitney Portal parking lot one morning in the early 90s with two friends after missing out on the last of the daily hiking permits granted to climb the regular route up the 14.5K mountain, an old, leathery, rugged, Eastern Sierra mountain man suggested we take the Mountaineering trail and he sketched out the following map for us. This simple map covers a whole lot of territory and elevation. Of course, over the next two days, we saw no other people except at the summit, had a lot of route debate and the most glorious hike and summit of Whitney. On the way up, we found all of the landmarks drawn on the map, however, on our way down, we realized that none of those were the ones he meant us to find."

1990-00-00 : Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, United States : Mark Morey


Palo Alto and Pez Dispensers

Scott recently sent us this map with the following note: "I used/drew this map for an experiment with Pez dispensers and the U.S. Post Office. Mailed it at the end of the route from Palo Alto to San Jose to Mountain View. Keep going with your excellent concept!" We will, Scott, and you should too. Thanks.

2008-04-21 : Palo Alto, California, United States : Scott Witthoft


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