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Wedding Map

Sergio drew this map for the guests attending his wedding ceremony. The wedding was held in an area Sergio describes as a "place of difficult access." He continues, "the location on the map is a ride south and west of Rio de Janeiro. Most of the path follows Avenida Brasil, an important channel for movement in the city and goes to the neighborhood of Bangu."

2010-04-26 : Rio de Janeiro, Brazil : Sergio Magalhaes



Fernanda created this image by printing a map of Sao Paulo onto a photo of someone's back. The map reads as a tattoo on the body addressing the importance of where people position themselves within their environment.

2008-10-00 : Sao Paulo, Brazil : Fernanda Barreto


Former Studio

Luiz used this map to explain to a friend how to go from his home to his former studio in Humaita, a neighborhood in Rio.

2008-00-00 : Rio de Janeiro, Brazil : Luiz Paulo Rocha


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