Jeff Woodbury

Jeff is an artist whose work often references maps. Quite a while ago, he sent us a great collection of images. Some are his artistic work and some are maps drawn for other purposes. Jeff is one of our biggest supporters so we're very happy to share his work with you.

Maps 1 and 2: Two views of Atlas. For this project, Jeff has traced an entire U.S. road atlas onto vellum. The first image is what the atlas looks like open, the second is the atlas closed.

Map 3: A preliminary sketch of a street corner in the Bronx. This was later used for a site re-creation when Jeff worked in Manhattan doing infographics.

Map 4: Notes for memorizing the major subway stops in Montreal by translating French names into English words and phrases. These notes were preliminary work for this rubber map of the Montreal subway system.

Map 5: Cell Division shows tracings of several cities laid on top of one another.

Map 6: Double Twins shows the twin cities of Dallas/Fort Worth and Minneapolis/St. Paul laid directly on top of one another without altering the scale of the original maps.

Maps 7, 8, and 9: A series of drawings that represent Jeff's connections with family and friends. Jeff tells us, "The individual drawings represent certain time frames of my life, charting places I've lived and personal relationships. Each drawing attempts to capture one or more major moves from one area, and group of people, to another."

Maps 10 and 11: Two attempts to sort out the interconnections between Jeff's various artistic endeavors.

Map 12: This is our favorite drawing from the bunch. It documents all of the travels Jeff took between December 2000 and December 2001.

Map 13: This diagram is Jeff's attempt to better understand his wife's family tree. He writes, "My wife's family is much larger than mine, so I needed a visual reference to sort it out and drew this family tree. Her grandfather, joined by her grandmother, is at the center. From there seven children extend, two of whom had no children. Marriages are shown by lines connecting from outside the blob, and the siblings are arranged clockwise from youngest to oldest. My wife has eight brothers and sisters. The youngest has three children. My wife is the second youngest, but this was drawn before our twins were born. From that information, you should be able to find me."

Map 14: Jeff explains this map as "a painterly imagining of a utopian city center, the various endeavors integral to it, and the various land uses spreadking out from it. As with most cities, a river runs through it..."

Map 15: This is more of a functional map from Jeff. He writes, "My friend Marty and I drew this map of the route from Brooklyn down to Cape Henlopen in Delaware. We left the day of the blackout in 2002. There's a map of the upper portion somewhere, but obviously gambling and surfing were critical issues here."

Map 16: Another preliminary sketch for an infographic. This time of a flower shop in Manhattan.

Map 17: Map to an exhibition (of maps) at the Christopher Henry Gallery. Jeff notes, "It was important to get the critical subway stops and point the way to Lupe's East LA Kitchen, home of some of the best Mexican food in Manhattan."

Maps 18, 19 and 20: The last three maps are of the Portland, Maine area, Jeff's current place of residence. Jeff tells us, "I drew Long Creek to show a photographer where to easily find polluted water for a shot. Hobart Bog shows the water district's land next to my house that the Land Trust is considering for a pathway. Sopo Trails Idea shows the basic outline of Long Creek, the edge of South Portland and Portland Harbor, and how a combination of trail uses could work."

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