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Battersea A to Z

Viviane writes us, "When I first moved to London I had to stay with friends while looking for work and accommodation. So I bought an A to Z to find my way around, but I still kept getting lost... so my friends improved the A to Z with this map (which was meant to give me a general idea of where the flat was, and where to get food). I remember watching someone punch all the little holes with a special hole-punch to fix it in the book. I felt very grateful. As time went on, I added more and more of my own pages of notes in the book, it got rather bulgy. Now I know my way around London, but I still use the "enhanced" A to Z, I like to be reminded that the world can be confusing at times."

2004-08-00 : Battersea, London, United Kingdom : Viviane Schwarz


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