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Gulf of Terry

Claudia Priori, a Visual Communications teacher at Emmanuel College in Melbourne, Australia sent us a collection of maps that she had her students draw. The students are in year 10 which makes them around 14-16 years old. On this site, we're sharing three of the maps her class sent us. We found all of the maps quite fascinating, but some of them were too large to fit on our scanner. The remaining maps have been photographed and uploaded to our tumblog, Unidentified Maps, at

Tuan submitted a map of a fictional place. He writes, "My map is an idea and a game that I have seen and played which is set in the medieval times. The names of the places that I chose to put on the map are names of my friends and things that I have made up...At first I chose to do a modern day map which is a map of how I get to school. Then I chose to do something that was made up of continents. But that failed. At last I did a medieval period time map...I put coffee on it to make it look old and like something that would actually come from the medieval times."

2009-04-00 : Fictional Location : Tuan


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