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CBF Trail Map

Suzanne sent us this map of the riding trails at the farm where she kept her horse in the 1980s. This map is a detail of the Barber Reservation area. She writes, "There were many trails for horse-back riding, but not many of my friends knew them all. I drew the CBFTrail map (black map) for the other borders at the farm so they would know where they could ride. The green map of the Barber Reservation was for a hunter pace. The riders followed a prescribed course including jumping the numbered jumps in the order indicated on the map. A hunting pace is the pace it took for fox hunters to navigate through a course. It is determined by the trail's size and footing. The local fox hunt would follow a scent sprayed on a pre-determined route."

1980-00-00 : Location Unknown (withheld by contributor) : Suzanne Walker



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