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Nudie Beach

Steffanie recently sent us one of her favorite maps. She writes, "there are some beautiful beaches on Long Island. However, most are very crowded. Like Jones Beach. Pretty much everyone ends up there and if you're like me you enjoy the beach for the sun and sand, not for the party. Little do those people know that if they only drove another 20 minutes they would end up in Robert Moses State Park, which is much more secluded. Field 5 is private, but if you walk another ten minutes you strike gold - the nudie beach. It's not for everyone, and oh how I wish more people felt that way. But, it works for me. This map was drawn by my friend's husband, who introduced many a Manhattanite to the nudie beach. As you can see from the fax machine stamp at the top of the page, the artist works for the NYPD Transit division."

2001-07-00 : Long Island, New York, United States : Steffanie Savine


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