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Palo Alto and Pez Dispensers

Scott recently sent us this map with the following note: "I used/drew this map for an experiment with Pez dispensers and the U.S. Post Office. Mailed it at the end of the route from Palo Alto to San Jose to Mountain View. Keep going with your excellent concept!" We will, Scott, and you should too. Thanks.

2008-04-21 : Palo Alto, California, United States : Scott Witthoft


Map for Friday

This map was emailed to us by Scott Witthoft along with the following information: "map drawn by damian for scott. directions from convent garden tube station to the bar with tiny margaritas." We'd also like to call your attention to the notebook page gridded with Jan Tschichold's idealized margins from Die neue Typographie. The map drawn here just barely pushes the boundaries of modernist perfection.

2008-01-30 : London, United Kingdom : Scott Witthoft


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