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Pier writes,"A woman asked me to create a map for her soon-to-be husband which was to depict all the places that he called 'home.' This request comes every once in a while. Clients asking for a world map showing all the places an individual (or family) has visited. A map of even a well-traveled man would show vast areas of places NOT visited. Here, however, I came up with an idea that I felt worked. A massive pile of overlapping books. The four open atlases display maps describing the four areas - each in a different way. The charming and exotic town names of North Carolina, the tangled highways of the Twin Cities (the key showing roads under construction, snow emergency routes and the ways to drive to 'the cabin'). The zoomed in map of his Oxford College, the zoomed out map of the Hub of the Universe. The only 'home' location lacking is represented by a closed book with the title 'Stork among the Flamingos' as he was born in Florida and lived there for just a few months. Other book titles describe a bit of personal history. He was in a marching band in NC, sought shelter in his trailer park during tornados in Minnesota, Enjoyed soccer in England, and was in a fraternity at MIT. The location where he met his future wife, their wedding date and venue and present home as also among the titles."

2011-07-27 : Various : Pier Gustafson :


Surrounded by Trees

Pier, a mapping visionary and frequent contributor to our collection, recently sent us this intricate map. He drew the map to explain how to get to his parents' home from various locations in the Minneapolis area. Turning the map reveals the different starting points: Eagan, the airport, St. Paul, Minneapolis (MPLS) and Burnsville (Ville). Simply choose your starting point and as Pier told us, "follow the twigs to the branches to the limbs to the trunk."

2009-04-09 : Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States : Pier Gustafson :


Follow the Fleet

Pier writes, "My brother is a sailor at the Wayzata Yacht Club. He was to give a party to other sailors in his class at his home in Golden Valley. I chose the route between the two points which resembled tacking back and fourth. Initially I wanted it to be a group of sailboats, but changed to various steamships instead as I wanted the smoke to be a part of the composition."

2008-10-00 : Wayzata, Minnesota, United States : Pier Gustafson :



Pier, a professional illustrator, sent us a series of preliminary sketches for one of his maps. We particularly like seeing his thought process as he creates the map. Pier tell us this map, "was drawn for a wedding in upstate New Hampshire. All of the guests were driving up from Boston, Northampton, Manchester...and then later I added New York City. Only two main highways going north were going to be travelled. The clients, friends of mine, insisted that GOD was not to be a part of the ceremony, so I decided GOD would appear on the map."

2008-06-25 : New Hampshire, United States : Pier Gustafson :


Blue Plate

Pier recently sent us this beautifully illustrated map from his personal collection. He writes, "This is a map I made to direct house guests driving from the Twin Cities to the lake home of my parents. My mother has a collection of blue and white china displayed on the dining room wall, so that seemed the perfect aesthetic to co-opt for the map."

2006-00-00 : Gull Lake, Minnesota, United States : Pier Gustafson :


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