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Ross sent us this diagram documenting his site, Machinebook. Machinebook was started by Ross and his partner, Lotte Rubbish, in 2007. Ross writes, "we had expressed our feelings for each other but still lived a significant distance away. Because we could not share physical space, we created a shared world in Machinebook. It is a mental space where our brains mingle." The map is an intentionally puzzling diagram of the site where each word represents an HTML file on the server. Ross continues, "I drew the map because a friend of Lotte's requested one. The labyrinthine construction of the site was driving him crazy. Typically, I created a map that is possibly even more confusing than the site itself."

2007-00-00 : Unspecified Location : Mark Parodius


Carbon 14

This map was drawn by Ross's friend, Sergeant Slapnuts, during a planning session for a high school project. The project involved creating a text-based Role Playing Game called Carbon 14. "The Beachfront" is where the main character started out after washing up on the shore in a coffin. One of the first steps after reaching the shore was to trick a giant turtle using some glass beads found in a nearby pool of water. Ross writes, "Text-based online games had gone out of favor even by the time we were working on Carbon 14, but there is still something powerful about MUDs, MOOs and the like. The feelings of power, immersive fantasy and fun I experienced still stand apart from the high-tech graphics and visual focus that have taken over gaming."

2003-00-00 : Unspecified Location : Mark Parodius


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