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Injection Sites

Marilyn recently sent us this amazing map along with this story: "This map shows the locations of my Humira injection sites from December 26, 2007 through August 21, 2008. This is from the vantage point of me looking down on my legs. I am almost 24 years old and have been taking Humira for 5 years to treat Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis that was diagnosed when I was 8. I take Humira about every 2 weeks, although I've been doing really well (::knock on wood::) and can sometimes go 16 or 17 days, until the feelings of stiffness in my joints unfortunately return (mostly elbows, fingers, and knees). I have to clean an area of skin on my thighs or stomach, and then inject a syringe filled with the medicine. After every shot, I mark on the map where the spot is so that I know next time not to do it in that area. I try to give the area time to heal. I have started to accumulate quite a few of these maps, but hopefully I won't have to keep making them forever."

2007-12-26 : Marilyn's legs : Marilyn Murphy


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