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Six Hells

Justin sent us this map of different Taoist hells. He says, "I was on a weird kick about hells at the time. The map is also partially drawn from the 18th century Chinese book 'The Dream of Red Mansions' by Cao Xueqin."

2008-08-04 : Unknown Location : Justin Keller


Mall Bathroom

Justin writes, "I had a weird, almost surreal, experience while wandering around a mall outside of Las Vegas. Inside the bathroom was an odd statue of a lion outside a glass door marked 'exit' (even though the doors were locked). There was a bathroom attendant scraping feces off of the side of a stall. There was a large-ish, ostensibly gay man having a very emotional experience, crying in another stall (the stall door was still cracked open). And, the exit into the mall shared the same hall with the women's room, however there was a tampon dispensing machine located there as opposed to inside of the women's restroom. I had to explain how weird this place was to a female companion so I pulled out my sketchbook to draw her a layout of the bathroom."

2008-08-04 : Las Vegas, Nevada, United States : Justin Keller


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