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Joseph created this map for Owen as a genealogical map, a re-contextualized family tree. The "O" represents Owen's father's father's side, the "W" his father's mother's side, and so on. Joseph writes, "The idea of a genealogical map springs from wanting to express a sense of home for a child. Anyone who has been to a family gathering knows that the image of a tree and it's straight lines fails to show where one really comes from. Whereas a map, with it's seemingly endless details, and the possibility to zigzag between an infinity of locations, is somewhat closer to giving a clear picture of that complex familial mess each individual is the product of." While working on the map, Joseph realized Owen upside down spells out Nemo. He built on this idea, creating a mirror map for the famously sleeping child, Nemo, from Winsor McKay's comic strip Little Nemo that ran in the New York Herald in the early part of the 20th century. Locations from the comic strip are indicated in red, visible when holding the map upside down.

2009-10-04 : Fictional Location : Joseph Chernila


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