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Colorado Terrain Park

Jeff writes, "Spent a day working with my brother and his sons creating a terrain park on a hill on his property. With shovels and a tractor, we straightened a huge stump at the top and leveled it out for a sweet launch zone, surrounding it with logs and adding dirt to smooth the slope. Then we added curved banks to the left and right, a path (unmarked, but called "Tunnel of Love") through some trees, and shaped the multiple jump zones at the bottom. I used my GPS unit to obtain the elevation at the top of the stump: 7,607 feet. You can see Pikes Peak from the top."

2010-10-28 : Colorado, United States : Jeff Woodbury : : see also HDMA collection 9


Snake Area

Jeff created this quick map on a sticky note to include in his DeLorme atlas as a way to remember an area known to contain Black Racers. Maps on Post-it notes are some of the best. Another one of my favorite 3"x3" maps is of a police chase collected by Tony Gonzalez. What's Delorme? See Jeff's accomplished map-related art on his website:

2010-10-28 : Maine, United States : Jeff Woodbury : : see also HDMA collection 9


Free Shop-Vac

Jeff writes, "I found a free Shop-Vac on Craigslist in a town about 6 miles up the road and had to rush over during my lunch hour. The owner said her house was a little tricky to find, so I looked up the address on Google Maps. It was faster and simpler to sketch out the essential route than to print it out - and easier to read, too." See more of Jeff's maps in Curated Collection #9.

2010-10-28 : Maine, United States : Jeff Woodbury : : see also HDMA collection 9


Hypothetical Exhibition

Jeff drew these maps in a sketchbook to plan out a hypothetical exhibition of his artwork. The space would include a plethora of work including paintings, drawings, sculptures, and poetry. There was no specific space in mind for the show, but rather Jeff allowed the work to determine the layout of the space. The longest room pictured above would include some very large abstract paintings while the hallway would feature pages from his sketchbook. As an artist, Jeff uses map imagery quite a bit in his work.

1992-00-00 : Unspecified Location : Jeff Woodbury : : see also HDMA collection 9



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