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Manhattan, circa 1980

Janine notes on the back of the map, "I made this map ca. 1980, under the influence of John Held. I lived on East 16th Street in Manhattan and worked in the famous Brill Building at 1619 Broadway. An ex-boyfriend had 'joined' the Moonies, which is why the former New Yorker Hotel figures so prominently. I see that I made the Twin Towers as they looked at night, ribboned with worklights. I was probably concerned they wouldn't be visible enough against the water. I remember I used an old-fashioned dipping pen used to draw music staff to make the rivers. I love the floating 30 Rock building. I worked there before the Brill. I was the music coordinator for the first run of Saturday Night Live."

1980-00-00 : New York, New York, United States : Janine Nichols


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