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Porte de St. Cloud

This map was given to Harriet Hacker when she visited her family in France for the first time. It explains the area around St. Cloud where her family lives including especially how to get to the Metro station.

1998-04-00 : St. Cloud, France : Harriet Hacker


Yellow Breaches

This map was drawn by Joelle Hacker explaining how to drive to the Allenberry Resort Inn, a point on the Yellow Breeches river near Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania. The Yellow Breeches is a popular fly fishing destination named because of a legend that the water stained the uniforms of British soldiers during the revolutionary war.

2004-00-00 : Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania, United States : Harriet Hacker


Night in October

This entry is missing a description.

2007-10-00 : Stars over Pennsylvania : Harriet Hacker


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