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Wesleyan University

Here's another map sent to us recently by Glen. It shows the campus of Wesleyan University and its main features. Thanks Glen for another perfectly useful map.

2008-00-00 : Middletown, Connecticut, United States : Glen Lindeke


Lab Group Retreat

One of our favorite repeat map submitters, Glen Lindeke, writes that this map shows the "location of the annual Dr. Pratt Lab (Wesleyan University) hiking trip. Alumni and current members of the lab group plus their guests meet up every summer for a weekend of revelry and hiking. I'm not sure I got all the dates right, but this includes many of the places we have stayed or frequented over the various summers. Wesleyan University owned a cabin in North Woodstock which was a gift from an alumnus, but they sold the cabin and we were forced to find alternative destinations. Places of interest include our various cabins, Loon Mountain, Lonesome Lake, Echo Lake where our hiking trail was broken up by a new golf course, and Bunga Road."

2008-00-00 : White Mountains, New Hampshire, United States : Glen Lindeke


Mini Golf

Glen writes, "A friend and I set up this course in my last apartment in Norwich, CT. We used black hockey tape to make squares on the carpet for holes. You can see the course rules on the upper section of the photo. 5 hole locations were used each from 2 tees to make up a 10 hole course. As one could imagine, the layout of the holes changed quite a bit from day to day depending on how clean the apartment was at the time. Also a resident furry creature was known to come into play."

2008-00-00 : Norwich, Connecticut, United States : Glen Lindeke


The Aegean

Glen recently sent us this intricate map he drew a few years ago. It was used to help memorize places with historical importance during the classical period for a class on Greek history.

2008-04-07 : Greece : Glen Lindeke



Glen writes, "I'm half-Canadian, so I've been drawing that one for years to try to educate people. My mother used to teach my elementary class about Canada for a day each year and by the next they would have forgotten everything they learned."

2007-00-00 : Canada : Glen Lindeke



This map features such places as the Boundary Waters, Fargo, the Red River, and the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. When asked about the smokestack-like feature at the top of Minnesota, Glen informed me it's the northernmost point in the continental United States in the middle of a lake shared with Canada.

2008-03-10 : Minnesota, United States : Glen Lindeke


Twin Cities

Maps 17 and 18 were provided via email by Glen Lindeke. In his email Lindeke indicated that the maps were drawn to help explain the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area and Minnesota in general to New Englanders. This map provides a detailed overview of the area with slight preference given to St. Paul. Features include the Mall of America, fairgrounds, and the capitol building. It was obviously drawn by someone quite familiar with the area. [Larger version]

2008-03-10 : Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, United States : Glen Lindeke


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