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Schat (Treasure)

Dylan writes, "This is a treasure map of an area near Nootdorp in the Netherlands called the Dobbeplas. The map was made as part of a treasure hunt birthday party for my son Sam's 9th birthday. The treasure location is marked on the map by the symbol associated with the word "schat" (treasure in Dutch). The map was both drenched in tea and burned around the edges to give it an more authentic treasure map look. The birthday guests and Sam were not able to find the treasure that day without a lot of help from the map creator. Being 9 year old boys, they mostly ran in wild circles without really ever trying to follow the map." Dylan ended his email saying he would have sent the original map, but it is so important to him he has it hanging on his wall.

2003-00-00 : Nootdorp, the Netherlands : Dylan Hoey


Geography Game

Dylan from the Netherlands sent us two maps that are perfect to share with you this week (as Father's Day is just around the corner here in the US). This map comprises the main component of a game designed by Dylan and his son Sam. The two created it in 2003 when Sam was nine-years-old. Dylan writes, "The cards on the perimeter of the picture are part of the game as well. You can see a board type of grid around the world which is also part of the game. This was not only a very creative project which we developed together but turned out to be a wonderful way for him (and me) to learn about world geography." Look for the other map tomorrow.

2003-00-00 : The World : Dylan and Sam Hoey


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