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Courtney sent us this map she drew in 2008 to help direct ushers to a new location of the theater office. She writes, "Who can ever find classroom numbers in old academic buildings? I thought a map could more easily convey where to find our new office. This building on Michigan State University's campus is the old auditorium, a theatre with classrooms inside as well. Fun fact: This is one of only a handful of theaters in the world that has two auditoriums sharing a stage. Although not very practical (only one show can go on at a time), it is very multipurpose. The auditorium on the west seats up to 3200, and the theatre on the east side of the building seats 600."

2008-00-00 : Michigan State University, Michigan, United States : Courtney Rizzo


Post-Opera Trip

Courtney sent this Post-It drawn by a colleague to document Courtney's wanderlust during the month of September. Having finished working on an opera in Santa Fe, she traveled home to Michigan, took a family trip to New York and Boston, visited friends in Seattle and Houston, and finished up by moving to Boston.

2010-09-00 : United States : courtesy Courtney Rizzo


Donut Hole

Courtney writes, "This is a map drawn by my friend Lindsay Foley. She spent the summer working on a boat in Newport, RI and was persuading us to go there on a day trip from Boston. The donut hole is where she lived (not to scale). Needless to say, her map was all the convincing we needed, and we had a great time there!"

2011-01-26 : Newport, Rhode Island, United States : Lindsay Foley courtesy Courtney Rizzo


To Matt's House

Courtney created this map with her friend Matt of the Ballard neighborhood in Seattle. She drew her rough approximation of how to find Matt's house, then he finished the rest to make sure she got there correctly.

2010-06-10 : Seattle, Washington, United States : Courtney Rizzo


Social Studies

Courtney found these maps while cleaning out her closet. She created them for a project in her seventh grade social studies class in 1998. The project included maps of the entire Eastern hemisphere including these maps of Europe and the Middle East. She recalled toiling over the maps as no tracing was allowed. As part of the project, she also created a map of the world using torn paper to represent the different continents. Unfortunately over time Antarctica was lost.

1998-00-00 : Various Locations : Courtney Rizzo




Safe Way Home

Courtney's friend, Peter Howard, drew this map to explain a safe route from his apartment in downtown Detroit to the Lodge Freeway.

2009-11-22 : Detroit, Michigan, United States : Courtney Rizzo


Marriage of Figaro

These diagrams were used while Courtney was a stage manager at the Michigan University Opera Theatre to map out the four acts of Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro." Courtney writes, "Although most of the objects are chairs or walls, there was quite a big tree in Act IV, and the largest square that appears in each quadrant was a set piece lovingly referred to as the COD, short for Cube of Death."

2008-00-00 : Michigan State University : Courtney Rizzo


Site Map

Courtney's friend Will Hyman created this this diagram while in the early stages of designing a website for a Seattle architect.

2009-03-00 : Seattle, Washington, United States : Courtney Rizzo


Cafe Zingaro

Courtney sent this map she drew for a friend while working at the Seattle Opera. The director was meeting some of the singers at Caffe Zingaro to go over some notes for a performance. The map shows the cafe in relation to the opera house and the Seattle Center.

2009-07-31 : Seattle, Washington, United States : Courtney Rizzo


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