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Giant Mirror from Target

Brittany sent us this map documenting a driving route between Ovid Community Church and the Holiday Inn in Anderson. She found the map in an envelope of old magazine clippings from high school. She writes, "I attended the wedding with a close male friend. We bought them a giant mirror from Target as a gift. I had gone on a date with one of the guys in the wedding party and was mortified to see him there, though we did not speak. Map landmarks include a steakhouse chain, two gas stations (one by name, Marathon, and one unnamed on the map but called Ricker's at the time) and the major interstate, 1-69.

2001-00-00 : Anderson, Indiana, United States : Brittany Shoot


Abuse Map

Brittany explains, "This is a map depicting my house, the restaurant where I worked in high school, the apartment of my then-'boyfriend' (assuming you could call him that), and the main roads and landmarks between all three locations. We met at the restaurant as coworkers and had a secret (abusive) relationship that lasted six months. We lived about thirty minutes apart with the restaurant as roughly a halfway point. We couldn't tell anyone at work about our relationship, and we didn't tell anyone else except a few of my close friends because he was so much older than me. Though he was significantly older, at the time, we were both still living with our parents. I drew this map in 2009 from memory. The actual events took place in Indiana during the fall/winter/spring of 1999/2000."

2009-00-00 : Indiana, United States : Brittany Shoot


Yoga Map

Brittany writes, "This map was drawn for me by my acupuncturist, Camilla, as directions from her practice on Nørregade to a nearby yoga studio on a busy pedestrian shopping street in inner Copenhagen. It will likely be included in my zine, haldana, which is about my move from the U.S. to Denmark."

2009-01-01 : Copenhagen, Denmark : Brittany Shoot


Flight Patterns

Brittany explains, "this is a map of flight patterns that enabled my partner and I to be together throughout 2006 - 2008. These are various flights we had to take alone, to one another's respective locations. We're finally in the same place permanently and only fly together."

2008-09-00 : Denmark and the United States : Brittany Shoot


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