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Alex sent us a bunch maps created by his Intermedia class at the University of Nebraska-Omaha. For this project, he asked his students to utilize the Situationist concept of a derive to explore and map the campus. Alex writes, "They walked around campus without purpose, without aim, without destination. These maps are their notes of the ebb and flow of topology, the subtle cadence of the ambient noise and temperature. Their explorations of how space encourages and discourages certain types of movements." The maps are quite interesting especially when seen large. Check out all the maps here: Supplement to Map #241. For more information on Situationists, derives, and other conceptual investigations of the urban environment, the HDMA recommends The Situationist International Text Library.

2010-03-01 : University of Nebraska-Omaha : Alex Myers


Zork Map

Alex sent us this map he created while playing Zork, an early form of Interactive Fiction. The drawing is part of an exhibition of maps organized by Tim Hutchings whose gaming map archive was featured in our first curated collection.

2009-11-04 : Zork : Alex Myers




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