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Manhattan Behavioral Map

Alec says, "I learned about 'behavioral maps' in sociology class in college. All hand drawn maps are more or less behavioral maps because they reflect the scale and importance of place in the human brain - like the famous map of Manhattan by [Saul] Steinberg."

1986-00-00 : New York City, New York, United States : Alec



Alec sent us this map from his vacation to Barcelona. It is a truly useful map that includes much of the great architecture in the city, both old and new. Alec points out some of the features in his email: "... several Antoni Gaudi buildings appear on the map with the spectacular Music Palace & other museums...also, attractions on the Montjic hillside overlooking the city, the 2001 Forum by Herzog & de Meuron and the Torre Gas Natural Building by Enric Miralles."

2007-00-00 : Barcelona, Spain : Alec from New York City


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