From Here to There: A Curious Collection

Written by HDMA founder Kris Harzinski, From Here to There: A Curious Collection from the Hand Drawn Map Association features an exclusive collection of more than 140 maps.

About the Book

The situation is as familiar as it is mundane: planning to visit friends in an unfamiliar part of the city, you draw yourself a basic map with detailed directions. In 2008, artist and designer Kris Harzinski founded the Hand Drawn Map Association to collect simple drawings of the everyday. Fascinated by these accidental records of a moment in time, he soon amassed a wide variety of maps, ranging from simple directions to maps of fictional locations, found maps, and maps of unusual places (such as a map of a high school locker), including examples by such well-known luminaries as Abraham Lincoln, Ernest Shackleton, and Alexander Calder.

From Here to There celebrates these ephemeral documents—usually forgotten or tossed after having served their purpose—and gives them their due as everyday artifacts. The more than 140 maps featured in this book, including, among many others, maps of an imaginary country for ants, of a traffic island in Australia, of a childhood fort, and of the Anne Frank House in Amseterdam, are as varied and touching as the stories they tell.

From Here to There: A Curious Collection from the Hand Drawn Map Association
Princeton Architectural Press
ISBN: 1568988826
224 pages
7.4 x 5 inches


From Here to There

courtesy Krista Shaffer, from Direction Maps

Shaffer’s roommate, Lauren Cocco, drew this map of their Philadelphia neighborhood to help a couch surfing couple who were staying with them find the subway. A few days later, another roommate found the map lying on the kitchen table and decided to color it in with markers.

From Here to There

Shane Watt, from Fictional Maps

Empatheia is a place Watt developed by mashing-up major world cities, including Washington, D.C., London, Los Angeles, Tehran, Kabul, and Beijing among others. His vision of the military-industrial city of the near future includes amongst other things: a Wal-Mart, neighboring oil and ethanol fields, a missile test range near the center of town, and various green spaces owned by large corporations such as Monsanto and McDonald’s.

From Here to There

Dash Shaw, from Fictional Maps

This map is used to explain various locations in Shaw’s comic “Body World.” Throughout the story he references the map at the beginning of each scene so readers can get a sense of the whereabouts of individual characters. The design of Boney Borough is loosely based on Walt Disney’s original plans for his utopian community, Epcot, an abandoned project that later became the famous theme park in Orlando, Florida.

From Here to There

Becky Blosser, from Artful Maps

Blosser provides a glimpse into her daily life. By placing various elements next to one another, she forms a diagram of the connections between architectural features she encounters on a regular basis. A fragmented view of her reality, the map becomes a fictional journey from Blosser’s home to the grocery store, as seen through an inventory of the built environment.

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